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Tattoo Sketches



What awaits you?
Accommodation at the Green Park recreation center.

Photos taken from the website:

Day 2:

  • Morning departure to Tatyshev Island, riding on sports equipment

  • Bus tour of all the sights of Krasnoyarsk

  • Afterparty at the recreation center

Day 3:

  • Training day and free time

  • Walk around the city

  • Evening dinner at one of the best restaurants in Siberia

  • Evening gatherings and warm farewells until the next festival

At the recreation center there will be a large cottage with breakfast, a sauna, an outdoor pool, a BBQ area and double rooms, so there are two payment rates:

  1. If you take a room for one person, the cost of the entire vacation will be 20,000 rubles

  2. If you take a room for two, the cost of the vacation will be 35,000 rubles for two people

1 day:

  • Gathering of participants in the parking lot of the Moscow Exhibition and Convention Center Siberia

  • Hiking to the Pillars Nature Reserve

  • Check-in at the recreation center

  • Evening afterparty with BBQ at the recreation center

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